Our Journey

KTS was established in 1978, and have expanded through business growth and self-investment to become a leading provider of cargo support services, container-related services,  transportation and reefer related services in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with a diverse portfolio of customers.
In the UAE and Saudi Arabia with a diverse portfolio of customers.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to conduct our business with optimum quality by providing operational excellence while preventing injuries and illness at or as a consequence of work and to provide a healthy and safe workplace.

Quality Assurance

“Doing Things Rightly When Nobody is Watching” We believe that quality should be an integral part of our day to day business, no matter, who do, what do or when do….everything should be systematically performed…and when you do it as a practice, it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Health, Safety, Security & Environment

For us ‘Safety’ is not just a department; it is the way we work. “Safety for life”, is not only our motto but it is the governing principle behind everything we do every day.Safety is the integral part of our business. Our employees practice the principle “if you see it, you own it“.Safety is the integral part of our business