Leadership is not about a position or a title; privileges or entitlements. Leadership is everybody’s business. We all possess the capacity for leadership, but only those who cultivate it will ever become truly effective leaders. KTS is committed to encourage its staff to develop the leader in them— to become an active participant in shaping their future and the future of others, and hence in KTS we believe that

  • No matter who you are, every person is a leader and has capacity for leadership
  • Every person is born with leadership potential and provided the suitable training and appropriate opportunity, can be molded into an effective leader.
  • By providing the proper mix of opportunity, training and experience, the individual who seems to be destined for mediocrity can emerge as an effective leader as his leadership quotient is developed.
  • Leaders will sometimes fail, but that is part of learning and part of leadership. It may be painful, but failure is not final.

The company was incepted with a great vision of our founding fathers who dreamt of a great future, progressed to further heights by the successors who were in the helm, creating new benchmark in the industry, and presently continue to sustain and improve upon by the highly capable & motivated leadership

Our Leaders

Deepak Patidar
Managing Director
Mob: +966 554741119
Tel: +966138573161 Ext: 100
Fax: +966138576230
P.O. Box # 1309, Dammam– 31431, Saudi Arabia.
Email: Deepak.Patidar@kanooterminals.com

Anurag Himmatramka
Chief Finance Officer
Mob: +966 507860375
Tel: +966138573161 Ext: 104
Fax: +966138576230
P.O. Box # 1309, Dammam–31431, Saudi Arabia.
Email: Anurag.Himmatramka@kanooterminals.com

Gary Rounds
Chief Operations Officer
Mob: +966 538311108
Tel: +966138573161 Ext: 108
Fax: +966138576230
P.O. Box # 1309, Dammam–31431, Saudi Arabia.
Email: Gary.Rounds@Kanooterminals.com

General Manager – WP
Tel: +966126355600 Ext: 1001
Fax: +966126355005
P. O. Box # 20375, Jeddah – 21455, Saudi Arabia.

Venkatesh Parameswaran
Chief Commercial Manager
Mob: +966 504820476
Tel: +966138573161 Ext: 123
Fax: +966138576230
P.O. Box # 1309, Dammam – 31431, Saudi Arabia.
Email: Venkatesh.Parameswaran@Kanooterminals.com

Mohammed Al Ruhiman
HR & Admin Manager
Mob: +966 544 808 667
Tel: +966138573161 Ext 121
Fax: +966138576230
P. O. Box # 1309, Dammam – 31431, Saudi Arabia.
Email: Mohammed.Alruhiman@Kanooterminals.com

Joseph Palathara
HSSE Manager
Mob: +966 545246587
Tel: +966138573161 Ext: 212
Fax: +966138576230
P. O. Box # 1309, Dammam – 31431, Saudi Arabia.
Email: Joseph.Palathara@Kanooterminals.com