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Container conversion and Special Fabrication Projects

Cargostore Container

If you have a particular container conversion need in mind, we can work directly with you to convert your need to reality.

Our engineers will work with you to understand your container conversion and fabrication needs and provide a solution that meets your requirements. Containers can be converted as mobile food truck/restaurants, office spaces, canteens, rest rooms, storage unit, workshop unit, accommodation, recreation hall and much more.

We specialize in steel structural fabrication such as skids, gun baskets, tool racks, and many others.


  • Customized containers: To suit your requirement which is cost effective compared to other options and are movable.
  • Structural Modifications: We can customize containers to meet your specific requirements by incorporating doors, windows, partitions, racks and shelves and various other fittings.
  • Insulation & Climate Control: We provide air conditioning, insulation, and climate control options inside the container units as a protection from harsh weather conditions and humidity.
  • Electrical and Plumbing: We can install plumbing and electrical connections for your container conversion projects.
  • Project Management: Our seasoned project managers oversee your container conversion project to ensure timely completion and superior outcomes.
  • Special Fabrication Projects: We specialize in steel structural fabrication such as skids, gun baskets, tool racks, and many others.
Custom Made Containers

Container Conversions

Due to their size and strength, ISO shipping containers are highly adaptable in meeting difficult climatic conditions and work environments. Tailor-made conversions are cost effective compared to other options for the required business use and the units are mobile.

We have years of experience in completing complex container conversion and fabrication projects and can help with installing additional doors and windows, fitting, racks and shelves, insulation, plumbing, electrical connections, steel structures, air conditioners and chilling units (to provide frozen, chilled, or ambient compartments) as per your requirements.


Our qualified staff use the Steel Grit Blasting process. Steel grits have high recyclability rates and are less prone to fracturing. This improves blasting performance and is a more environmentally friendly option compared to other blasting methods.

We have dedicated blasting booths for performing the blasting operations.

Blasting Service
Painting Service


We have exclusive painting booths – complete with testing equipment to ensure the quality of all paint jobs. The testing equipment is regularly calibrated. Qualified painters and experienced staff are dedicated to all painting jobs, either in container repair or container conversion and fabrication projects.

Special Fabrication Projects

We specialize in steel structural fabrication such as skids, gun baskets, tool racks, and many others. All our steel fabrications, if required by the client, are tested, and certified by a reliable third party to ensure its workability, quality, and efficacy.

Container conversion and Special Fabrication Projects
Container Quality Check

Quality Checks

We adhere to stringent industry and customer standards in performing our activities to provide a high-quality result for our customers. We can provide evidence of adherence to agree quality standards to customers on demand.

No matter how complicated your project is, our committed staff is here to give you a custom solution that satisfies your particular requirements. To discuss your container conversion and engineering needs, get in touch with us right now.

Steel Fabrication Technology

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